Control your boxer using the NUMERIC KEYBOARD and the CTRL key

Move name Key Power (1-5)/Protects against
Left Jab92
Right crossctrl+95
Cork screwctrl+61
Long uppercutctrl+73
Left hookctrl+33
Long left hookctrl+17
Shovel body punchesctrl+41
Short Body punchctrl+24
Long bodypunchctrl+34
Walk back4All bodypunches
Walk forward6All bodypunches
Cover up8Straight punches to head
Crossed arms1Hooks and uppercuts to head
Crouching2All punches to head
Backing up7-
Left slip5+4All right hand punches
Right slip5+6All left hand punches
  • From crouching position
  • Left jab to body92
    Long left jab to bodyCTRL+92
    Right cross to body35
    Short body punch14
  • Punches while backing up
  • Left Jab to head91